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If you’re looking for auto repair in Santee, you’ve found us. Here at East County Tire & Brake of Santee we work hard to earn your trust and loyalty. We know how important it is to find a Santee car service you can rely on, so your satisfaction is our top priority each and every day.

Full Service Auto Repair

We offer complete auto repair and preventive maintenance while delivering honest and professional services to Santee and surrounding areas. East County Tire & Brake of Santee have been located in same location for over 20 years. Furthermore, we have the knowledge to service and repair the most challenging auto problems on all domestic and import vehicles.

Classic Car Repair

Our techs also love working on vintage cars and trucks; there is always at least one old interesting car or truck in the shop. Older cars are always under construction, therefore we can help you improve your classic car by repairing and restoring your car/truck.

Fleet Maintenance

East County Tire and Brake of Santee  proudly keeps many of the fleet and service vehicles of San Diego County on the road. From routine service to major repairs and warranty work, we’ll be there to get you back on the road. We offer a complete service on your fleet vehicles, and always make sure they are serviced at a time convenient to you.

Furthermore, our shop uses the latest technology to assess the situation and offer you alternatives. We guarantee all of our work and know you’ll be happy with the outcome. Stop in or give us a call at 619-449-6161 to let us know how we can help you!

Auto repair services in Santee!

Here at East County Tire & Brake of Santee we understand what makes customer service truly outstanding. You will feel the difference exceptional customer care makes when you work with us. We know auto repair Santee offers you lots of choices, and we aim to provide the kind of caring customer service that will bring you back.

Cooling System

Cooling System service at East County Tire & Brake of Santee:

First of all, let’s talk about the cooling system components. These will all eventually wear out and need to be replaced.
Starting with the radiator, we see them coming into the shop with leaks or clogged with deposits. Depending on the damage, we will clean, repair or replace. East County Tire and Brake of Santee also see radiator pressure caps that can no longer hold the proper pressure.

We recommend replacing pressure caps when you change your coolant to avoid this problem. Finally, our techs also see leaky water pumps and hoses in Santee that need to be replaced or the cooling system won’t work properly.

Engine Services

Engine service at East County Tire & Brake of Santee:

auto repair east county tire and brake

East County Tire & Brake of Santee will take care of your engine, and your car has a better chance of lasting for the long haul. If you stay on top of your engine maintenance and tend to any engine repairs immediately, your car or truck will last longer. With something as important as car engine repair, trust the experts at East County Tire & Brake of Santee. Our skilled technicians have been servicing automotive engines. You’ll get no greater service or advice than from our certified auto technician.

Brake Services

Brakes service at East County Tire & Brake of Santee:

Most Santee drivers know that braking means slowing or stopping a vehicle. The mechanical aspects of the brakes themselves are just one issue. There’s also the power brake system and brake fluid. In addition, there are the tires, which are critical to the effectiveness of the brakes.

The mechanical parts of the brakes have pistons and springs that get quite a workout while stopping the vehicle. They start to lose effectiveness gradually and could even fail. That’s why a regular brake inspection is important! At East County Tire & Brake of Santee, we can test the operation of the brakes and see if any parts need cleaning or replacing.

The Absolute Best Car Service in Santee!

Our Santee car service offers you years of combined expertise from our well-trained technicians. We treat our auto repair professionals well, because we value their skill and can-do attitude. We know our team sets us apart, saving you time and money, not to mention worry. When it comes to auto repair in Santee, we are totally confident that East County Tire & Brake of Santee is the best option in all of San Diego, East County, El Cajon, and Santee!

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